10 Questions To Ask A Recruiter (And One To Avoid)

icon_questionsFrom TheLadders.com (1/6/2013)  (By Marc Cenedella)

Every once in awhile, the phone rings, and it’s a recruiter on the other end. While you might not be interested in what he is offering, you have to admit that it’s flattering to get the call. (“Someone thinks I might be right for a job!”) Once you get past the initial compliment, though, you have to get down to the serious business of determining if you are interested.

The recruiter wants to know about you, but before you turn over your resume, there are things you should know about him. Here are 10 questions to ask a recruiter and one question to avoid.  See if you can figure out which is which.  Read the full article from TheLadders.com…