How To Crowd-Source Your Job Hunt

imageFrom (12/16/2012)

Any job seeker could tell you the job market right now is tough. This makes it even more important to go into your interview — whether it’s in person or even through online video — prepared for anything. “Be Prepared” might be the motto of the Boy Scouts, but it should also become your job search motto. Good research can be the difference between wowing in the interview and falling flat.

With social media tools and the interconnected web, much of this research can now be crowdsourced through social channels. Considering 91% of online adults are using social media and approximately 750 tweets are sent out every second, the social web is a huge potential resource for you to tap into. Your online pals and social media connections could hold the key to your dream job if you know who and what to ask. The following are ways to get a little help from your friends in order to impress in the interview.   Read the full article from…