Jack Hargett


It is truly an opportune time to be a School of Business student at Christian Brothers University. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fluctuated wildly over the past four years from a high of over 15,000 points in 2007 to a low of just over 7,500 points in 2009 and a current average (which I am sure will have shifted seismically right after this goes to print) of just over 12,000. This volatility is projected to continue for the next one to three years. One constant in this frenetic business environment is the ability of the faculty members in the School of Business at CBU to steadily prepare our students to be ready for the uncertainty that surely lies ahead. With an emphasis on the analytical problem-solving skills needed to survive, grow and succeed in the occupations of today and tomorrow, the School of Business strives to produce graduates who will be ethical employees, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.


As dean, I will continue to work with our faculty members to create a curriculum emphasizing quantitative analysis and ethical decision-making that is fundamental for success in business in this global century. Locally, we will strive to make meaningful contributions to the development and growth of the Mid-South business community. Through the rigorous cultivation of internship opportunities for our students, the School of Business at CBU will maintain its excellent reputation of placing current students with Memphis area businesses. Our highly qualified graduates thrive in prominent positions in some of the most successful and prestigious companies in the area. Eventually, we plan to introduce a program that will allow undergraduates to complete a fifth year of study by the end of which they will have earned both an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in accounting.

As a product of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, I fully understand what St. John Baptist de La Salle meant when he conveyed to his fellow Brothers the need to “touch the hearts” of their students as well as their minds. We in the School of Business are dedicated to shaping students who will become future business leaders who will embody the values and integrity that have always been associated with the Christian Brothers.

Jack Hargett, PhD
Dean, School of Business