Accounting Career Awareness and Diversity Program Camp for Rising High School Seniors

The School of Business at Christian Brothers University will be hosting the annual Accounting Career Awareness and Diversity Program Camp this summer from July 15 – July 20. The camp is a week-long residency program that allows rising high school seniors to stay in CBU’s premiere Living Learning Center dormitory during a week filled with exciting guest speakers, local business tours, work with accounting professionals to learn basic skills, all while exploring the different careers available in the accounting field. Campers also participate in a case study contest for awards in addition to competing for a $20,000 scholarship to CBU! You can learn more and apply today at The deadline to apply is June 15, 2018, and applications will be considered after the deadline if space is available.

Student Spotlight with Kenneth Guy


We were able to sit down with Ken Guy Senior Management Major

 Q: You were given the highest honor a CBU student can receive, becoming a Lasallian Fellow, how did that make you feel?

A: It was a huge accomplishment and honor to be named one. Everything I do is out of love and not recognition. I don’t look to be rewarded or commended for the things that I do. I feel at home and at peace while performing service with and for others. I think one of the major things about being named Lasallian Fellow is I have the opportunity to change the image or preconceived notion of what being a business major is. A lot of people believe that we all are money oriented and only care about ourselves and making a profit. For me to be selected says that there are those who care about service and being a positive impact in their community.

Q: Have you had internships or relevant work experience and how has your major helped you adjust to your job performance?

A: I had an externship at Nothing Bundt Cakes and I had an internship at StartCo as a Communications Intern. Every business class I have taken has helped me tremendously. The classes I took helped me learn how to interact with people, taught me to work ethic, and how to achieve my goal as effectively and efficiently as possible. StartCo is a Memphis based company that helps small business owners get their company up and running. I was tasked with creating social media campaigns for those in the agriculture market. Dr. Peyton marketing classes greatly assisted me because everything I did in the classroom translated to what I did at my internship.

Q: How would you describe being a school of business student?

A: It is relaxing with the right amount of stress. In some cases, it may not be as intense as other majors but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have more time to discover our passion and have more opportunities to be active around campus.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to students working towards obtaining their bachelors in business here at CBU?

A: Find your vocation and everything will flow into place. Also, enjoy the process of everything.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: I’ve accepted a role within Teach for America, where I will be teaching middle school math. After my two year commitment, I will continue to and pursue a career in education. After teaching, my ultimate end goal is to own a bakery.

Q: You were very active during your time here, how were your lessons in class translated into your extracurricular activities?

 A: So while here I have been a: Peer Mentor, CARL, Peer Counselor, RA, SGA senator since junior year, a member of Career Service Student Advisory Board, Student-Faculty Judiciary Board, Freshman Scholarship interviewer, and volunteer Sunday school teacher for 8 years. The classes I had taught me how to interact with people. I was able to find my passion in all these activities and most importantly I learned about myself while being of service to others.

Student Spotlight with Zane Turner

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Zane Turner: Sophomore Business Major

 Concentration: Management and Finance

Q: Why did you decide to major in Marketing and Finance?

 A: I have been employed at Chick-Fil-La since I was 14. I am in love with the company and I have plans to franchise with them. I chose management to learn the flow of business. I chose Finance to obtain a wider grasp of business as a whole.

Q: I see that you are involved with a project called: “Unknown Child Foundation”. Can you elaborate what this project is and how you came to be involved with it?

 A: I was homeschooled up until I came to CBU but was active with Horn Lake Middle School Student Activities Council. This all started when Holocaust survivors came and spoke to our school. It was a life-changing experience for everybody, especially me. I actually came in a year after the project started but the SAC wanted to invest and participate in something that would be inspirational. The main purpose of this exhibit is to educate people about history. Some people argue that the Holocaust never occurred which is a dangerous thought and action. I am reminded of the quote, “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.” As painful as it is or even hearing about it, it is something that must be known.

Q: What are some of the key or interesting features of the exhibit?

 A: Approximately 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, of that 6 million, 1.25 were children. The sculpture that is pictured actually one of the children that were in hiding. Behind the sculpture is a wall of pennies. There are 1.25 million pennies, one for every child killed.

Q: What has your role been with the group in terms of the exhibit?

 A: So I’m no longer a part of the student activities council but I have always remained active with the project. My current role is working as the spokesperson. I speak at openings, lunches, and dinners with my primary objective being asking for donations and raising money. I have had the honor and privilege to learn as much as I can and interact and meet with people from all walks of life. So far, the group I am a member of, we have raised $40,000 for the project.

Q: What classes have helped you with this project?

 A: I would have to say speech class was beneficial because it taught me how to be comfortable talking to people and being the best public speaker I could. My management classes have been extremely helpful in teaching me how to effectively reach my target market and emphasize the message I am trying to convey. Dealing with a project of this scope, you interact with people of different cultures. So knowing how to be professional and work with a multitude of people has been extremely helpful. Corporate Communications has been helpful in adjusting my speech or writing. What would work with one group may not be as effective as the next.

Student Spolight with Eli Ostrow


This week Antonio Garrett was able to sit down and interview with Senior business major Eli Ostrow.

Q: Why did you decide to major in accounting?

A: I always found business to be fascinating and I have always been good at working with other people and with math. Accounting is a major part of business, it is commonly known as the language of business and plays a vital role in all aspects. I wanted to learn and master something that would give me a well rounded and complete skill set.

Q: Have you had any internships, and if so how did your business courses help you at your internship?

A: I have had two internships; my first was during my sophomore year when I interned with Mayor Strickland with the Minority Business Development. My second internship was with Alliance, now known as Non-Profit of Excellence as an accounting intern. The basic skills and concepts I learned in my business classes, especially in finance and marketing helped me a lot. Learning entrepreneurship helped me during my time with Mayor Strickland. While at Alliance the skills I learned from my accounting professors and the different activities we participated in really helped me with non-profit accounting.

Q: What organizations, clubs, or groups have you been a part of and how did you transfer your lessons from these classes to the organizations?

A: I have been active in multiple organizations such as Delta Sigma Pi and SGA (Student Government Association). Taking active leadership roles in both organizations, I think the main concept I was able to apply is how to network myself and work in an organization setting. During my time with SGA, I was able to integrate my business courses as a freshman senator. I was able to communicate and effectively communicate my goals and vision to the campus. Working and distributing allocations to different organizations on campus helped me as well. During my sophomore year, by taking on a larger role and dealing with numbers, my accounting classes really came into play.

Q: What is the one thing you love about being a School of Business student?

A: I thoroughly enjoyed the moments with my professors. Being at a small university really gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your professors. Those relationships have greatly helped me throughout my undergraduate collegiate career.

Q: With graduation approaching, what are your plans for your post-graduate career?

A: After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I will enroll in the master’s program at CBU. I also plan to receive different certifications such as my CFA and CME. I will also sit and test for the CPA. My goal is to become a CFO or start my own company.

Q: As a senior business student, what is one piece of advice you would give to underclassmen who intend to graduate from CBU?

A: Be a proactive learner and be proactive in all your classes. Continue to build strong relationships with those around you. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and aspirations as you. Always work hard and be diligent in your studies.


School of Business Student Spotlight


At the end of the each week we will interview a SOB students and ask them a few questions. This week we were able to sit down and interview with Jordan A. Taylor, a senior Finance Major who will be graduating in May.

Q:What led you to major in business and how has it shaped your life?

A: I majored in business because I wanted to be marketable in whatever career path I chose post college.  So far, it has shaped my professionalism inside and outside the workplace.  I have also narrowed my career path to finance and banking.

Q:  What is the one class you enjoyed taking and what did you learn in that class that can help you in the next stage of life?

A: The one class I enjoyed taking was Career Planning taught by Amy Ware.  It helped me answer the growing question of whether or not I should attend Graduate school directly after undergraduate.   It also helped me to narrow down my skills and values in the job searching process.

Q:  How do you feel as if the school of business has help prepare you for the professional world?

A: I feel the School of Business has done an exceptional job in preparing me for the professional world.

Q:  What is your most memorable moment as a School of Business student?

A: My most memorable moment as a School of Business student would have to be the day Dr. James Allen invited me to go to the Southern Hot Wing Festival during sophomore year

GSBA Interview with Dr. Malmo

malmo picture

Interview with Dr. John Malmo by Antonio Garrett (Marketing ’18)

The School of Business prides itself with professors who continue to research subjects and topics they love.  Dr. John Malmo recently attended the Global Sport and Business Association(GSBA) Conference. I was able to meet with Dr. Malmo and ask him a few questions. Check out the interview below.

Q: What exactly is the GSBA and what is its purpose?

A: Its purpose is to promote scholarly and applied research within the Sport Industry. It has a large emphasis on global sport and minority leadership in sports management.

Q: You were in at least six different studies with multiple people and even presented research on your own. How did you come to work with other professes and how did you all decide on the topics in which you researched and presented?

A: We’ve worked together in the past on different research studies. They’re are areas where they are stronger in than me and vice versa, for example such as social media and certain global aspects. One of the professors I presented with, Dr. Li actually teaches and lives in China. It was interesting seeing his research and his conclusions from it.  In the end, the more I can learn from them, the more I can bring back to the classroom.

Q: Which presentation was your favorite and why?

A: My favorite was Sticking with it: A qualitative analysis of the factors that motivate instructors to teach Filipino Martial Arts. The reason it was my favorite is because it is something near and dear to me and there isn’t much research as to why people decide to teach it. It is a lot of research as to why people decide to take it. I was happy to expand the literature and learn more about myself in the process.

Q: Can you explain Tweet, Fly, Run: The Boston Marathon and Corporate Airline Sponsorship.

A:  We looked at business who paid large sums of money to be official sponsors of the Boston Marathon. They had an official hash tag on Twitter and what we saw was that the companies and business using the hash tag were not the official sponsors of the Boston Marathon. In fact the official sponsors rarely used the hash tag. The companies that did however saw an increase in profit and traffic business and social media accounts. In the end, if given an opportunity, consult the companies on what to do better next time.

Q: What was your favorite part of the entire trip?

A: My favorite part was the learning but also seeing how the Sports Coordinator reacted to different situations. It was a problem where the ferry could not leave at all and people had plans that had to be reschedule or cancelled. So to see the public relations, time management, critical thinking, etc. skill set of that position was interesting.

Interview with Dr. John Malmo

malmo teaching_SMALLInterview with Dr. John Malmo by Antonio Garrett (Marketing ’18)
The School of Business is proud to announce a new professor who has joined the Buccaneer family this fall, Dr. John R. Malmo. Dr. Malmo is coming from Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma, as a visiting assistant professor. He received a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from John Brown University in 2011. Upon completion of his bachelor degree, he received his Master’s (2013) and Doctorate (2016) in Recreation and Sports Management from the University of Arkansas. In conjunction with his educational achievements, he owns a martial arts studio, Malmo Martial Arts, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, where he is the chief instructor. He is also the CEO and owner of the Arkansas Fight League which was established in January 2009. He is married to Rosemary Malmo and has three children. I was able to meet with Dr. Malmo and ask him a few questions. Check out the interview below.

Q: What led you to Memphis and CBU?

A: I am focused on student development and application. I believe higher education should provide an environment for personal growth and experience in all areas of students’ lives in addition to providing exceptional opportunities for learning. CBU’s mission and vision are very much in line with my own beliefs and opinions about education and teaching. The Department of Management, Marketing, and Economics and the Sport Management concentration are well designed and offer me the ability to utilize my background and education to prepare future leaders in the industry.

Q: What sparked your interest in martial arts?

A: I have always had an interest in martial arts. I still remember scenes from TV and movies that displayed various aspects of the martial arts that I saw as a child. Growing up, I did my best to be involved in martial arts. This wasn’t easy since I was at the mercy of my parents’ schedules and willingness to support my interest. Once I was able to drive, I fully immersed myself in the martial arts world. I found tremendous instructors who opened my eyes to the numerous styles and systems that exist and showed me what can be accomplished in, with, and through the martial arts. When I found the Filipino martial arts, Silat, Kuntao, and other similar arts, I knew I found where I belong.

Q: What led you into teaching?

A: Teaching is, or should be, a natural extension of learning. One of the best ways to learn is to teach. When teaching, you have to fully explore and understand the topic. This forces you to research and analyze everything so you can help others learn. I enjoy helping others and thoroughly enjoy teaching.

Q: What are some of your current goals with your martial arts, education, personal life, etc.?

A: In the martial arts, I have reached numerous milestones. I am at the point where my responsibility is to preserve and pass on the legacy that was passed down to me. I continue to strive to prepare students to be able to protect themselves and their families while also sharing this legacy. In education, I was the first in my family to graduate from college. I earned a terminal degree (Doctorate) in my field so I attained that goal. Now, I am focused on continually improving how I teach and conducting more research to give back to education and the industry. At some point in the future, I would like to pursue a law degree (Juris Doctor) as a major interest of mine is sport and recreation law.

Q: If you wanted the CBU community to know one key thing about you, what would it be?

A: First, my door is usually open, and I genuinely like building relationships with students. My martial arts students are a part of my family. I want my CBU students to feel this way as well. Second, anyone interested in Sport Management (or Recreation Management) should stop by and visit. I am happy to explain what the degree is and what you can do with it. Finally, I am always open to sharing the martial arts and the multitude of facets it encompasses – self-defense, culture, etc. If any students, faculty, staff, or campus groups are interested in learning more about what I do or would like to train, I encourage them to contact me.

CBU Crosstown Satellite Campus Featured by Memphis Business Journal

CBU’s Crosstown satellite campus has been featured by the Memphis Business Journal in an article by Elle Perry titled “See inside: CBU opens satellite campus in Crosstown” that features photographs of the new facilities. You can read the full article online now and view the slideshow featuring faculty, staff, and students from our Office of Graduate Business Programs at

David Archer Joins School of Business @ CBU

We are very proud to announce that former CEO of Saint Francis Hospital David Archer has joined the School of Business at Christian Brothers University as a full-time faculty member. Archer will be working with our Graduate Business Programs Office with a focus on the Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management (HCMBA) Program. Program Assistant Director Joslyn Hebda was quoted as saying, “We were thrilled when Dave agreed to teach in our HCMBA Program because he is exceptionally qualified to teach our students about the current issues and strategic management of health care systems.” You can read the full article online now at