Dr. Karyna McGlynn’s “Hothouse” in The New York Times

HothouseHothouse, a book of poetry by Dr. Karyna McGlynn (Literature & Languages), was positively reviewed in the New York Times on August 4 (“Five Poets Offer Eloquent Views of the American Experience”) and was also selected as an Editor’s Choice in the August 10 edition (“9 New Books We Recommend This Week”). According to reviewer Kathleen Rooney, “McGlynn’s first book, the fabulous (and fabulously titled) “I Have to Go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl,” proved that she belonged squarely in the Gurlesque, a loose group of female poets who — combining the burlesque and the grotesque — approach their femininity in a campy way, skewering gender stereotypes. Now, in her glittery, screwball second collection, McGlynn continues to play with the dark comedy afforded by this girly kitsch.”