Upcoming Study Abroad Opportunities

The Study Abroad Office has been busier than an ice cream parlor in July and here’s the scoop. Dr. Palmer took a group of history students to Paris and Belgium over spring break to commemorate World War 1. They visited the famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, and then they traveled up to Lille to see famous battle sites of WWI – you can read more from Dr. Palmer below.

Right after graduation, Dr. Trimboli’s Chemistry of Cooking class is going to take off to San Sebastian, Spain, to master culinary skills from top chefs from around the world. Students will indulge in many delicacies and refine their palates. It will be a long step from eating Ramen in their dorms. In their free time, students will be relaxing on the beach, hiking the mountain, or touring the historic city.

Professor Pat Papachristou is also offering a trip to Portugal and Spain this May leaving soon after graduation. Learn about economics and sustainability in these countries. Spots are still available for the price of $3000. Contact her at ppapachr@edu for more information about this trip.

Several upcoming trips are in the midst of being planned. Students have the opportunity to register for a History or Religion class this Fall 2016 semester that only meets four times the entire semester before leaving for Rome and Assisi, Italy, during Christmas break. They will join students from other Lasallian universities to continue their learning.

Dr. Jeff Gross and Professor Chanda Murphy are currently planning a trip to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Students have an opportunity to choose from an English class leaning about the Black Atlantic and African Diaspora or a psychology class and study the theory behind reduced stress and a slower paced environment yield higher productivity levels from employees. Can’t choose? Why not take both? Center your chi by doing yoga on the beach; take a relaxing hike to become one with nature, and take historical tours of the island, all while learning and writing about the culture.

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