Alumni News

Jennifer Bonds-Raacke (Psychology, ’00) is now president-elect of the South Western Psychological Association.

IMG_20131003_175147_958On October 3rd, CBU alumna Olivia Blow (Psychology ’13, pictured on the left) presented a research poster at the annual meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research in Florence, Italy. Co-authors on the poster, entitled “Unpredictable trains produce atypical ERP changes to sound repetitions”, included former CBU students Kimberley Gardner (Psychology ’13) and Savannah McGahey, current and former students from the University of Memphis and Rhodes College, Dr. Frank Andrasik (Chair of Psychology at the University of Memphis), and Dr. Jeff Sable (CBU Behavioral Sciences). The poster was one of two produced by Dr. Sable’s undergraduate research team, which relies on equipment in Dr. Andrasik’s lab at the University of Memphis. The other poster, “ERPs show differential sensitivity to omission-induced rhythms”, was presented by Breya Walker from the University of Memphis. Dr. Sable also participated in a panel discussion focused on identifying resources for non-traditional psychophysiology labs. Abstracts for both posters and the panel were published in a supplement to the society’s journal, Psychophysiology.

On August 23rd, Hannah Nelson (Visual Arts ’13) showcased her visual and performance work with RAWartists, a non profit that organizes events for artists of different mediums to showcase together. Each showcase is funded by the last and each artist who is showcased gets tons of promotional material like photographs and a video interview.