Student Achievement

Kari Buchinger (LANCE ’13) has been offered the assistant principal position at Our Lady of Sorrows!

Michalyn Easter (History ’13) has been accepted into Columbia and Vanderbilt’s excellent graduate Education programs, though she has yet to decide which she will attend. She has also applied for a summer archival/museum internship at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

Tavares Mondrell Floyd (History & Political Science ’13) and Mary Catherine Hogan (Special Education ’13) attended President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration on January 14th. Mary Catherine and Tavares agreed to further share their experiences via video. In this video, they tell us a bit more about the trip of a lifetime! To see highlights of their live-tweets, take a look at:

Desiree Mitchell (Visual and Performing Arts ’13), Hannah Nelson (VAPA ’13), and Emily Phillips (VAPA ’15) were selected to participate in the CODA exhibition at Rhodes College. Special acknowledgement goes to Desiree Mitchell, who won the Viewer’s Choice award.

David Skull (Psychology ’13) was selected for the 2nd time as an All-GSC selection at defender (soccer), with a 3.63 GPA.

577284_625083967507988_413504539_nAmanda Willhite (Psychology ’13) was a finalist for the Vanderhaar Student Peace award, with which came a monetary reward. Over the past three years Amanda worked to bring Safe Zones to CBU. “Safe Zones” is a program found on numerous college campuses (including U of M and Rhodes) that works to educate the community about LGBT issues and to reduce instances of bullying, violence, and harassment against LGBT students, as well as depression and suicide among LGBT youth. After completing a training program, faculty, administrators, staff, and student leaders (such as RAs) can be certified as a “safe zone,” a safe space that will listen to and support LGBT students. Next steps planned for the spring semester, will be to secure faculty approval and then to form a committee, on which Amanda has volunteered to serve, to revise and adapt the program for use at our distinctively LaSallian University. Dr. Buscher and I anticipate that the program will be ready to launch next year, at the beginning of the fall 2013 semester.