2013 Castings Literary Journal Winners

We’re looking forward to reading / viewing these works, plus the many other submissions that have been accepted. Congratulations! The 2012 edition is currently available online and will soon be updated for 2013.

1st Place: “Look Away” – Madeline Faber
2nd Place: “I Can’t” – Amber Lipford
3rd Place: “Lost and Found” – Sarah Longaria

Fine Art
1st Place: “Full Moon Phase” – Hannah Nelson
2nd Place: “Mourning Elegance” – Desiree’ Mitchell
3rd Place: “Untiltled 6″ – Hannah Nelson

1st Place: “Roma” – Katelyn Morris
2nd Place: “Running Errands” – Candace Lester
3rd Place: “Haiku” – Amanda Shaeffer