Intercultural Club
Dr. Mary Campbell, Faculty Staff Advisor

CBU Intercultural Club

Intercultural Club

When the Intercultural Club (ICC) had an interest meeting in January I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to get involved with a student organization. In thought my expertise in cultural anthropology would work well with a club devoted to diversity and cultural sharing. To my surprise, and delight, I was asked to be faculty advisor. And as faculty advisor I have done almost nothing. The students organized elections, a fiesta and mariachi band in Alfonso, and an international movie night. Often during our meetings students give PowerPoint presentations about their countries of origin. Yes, PowerPoint presentations, and everybody pays attention. How funny and wonderful that the exact same presentation from me would likely put people to sleep. We also listen to music and the rule is, if you play it you show us how to dance to it. No exceptions. The more time I spend with the ICC students the more amazed I am at their talents and uncontained excited. They are always so excited! They are teaching each other about the world and laughing the whole time. So, this anthropologist is going to sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh, and on Thursday October 4th, they are going to teach CBU how to play cricket. As I have no idea how to play cricket and they don’t trust us with real cricket balls, as faculty advisor I have been assigned the task of buying tennis balls. That I can do.

Creative Writing
Dr. Karen Golightly, Faculty Staff Advisor

The creative writing club has elected new officers for the 2012-2013 school year. Chris Brack (psychology) is acting president, Emilly Phillips (fine arts) is vice-president, and Miles Malone (creative writing) is secretary. We have some new members this year, including students representing the School of Arts, Business, Engineering, and Sciences.
In addition to work-shopping our writing at our monthly meetings, our main activity for this year is attending the Southern Literary Festival in Columbus, Georgia in March. Any CBU student can attend this conference and submit work to the national literary contest. We plan to submit work to all seven categories of the literary competition, including Castings in the literary journal category. Any talented students who write incredible one-act plays, formal essays, short stories, creative nonfiction essays, or poems, should contact Karen B. Golightly at